How to Go Gorilla Trekking on a budget: 5 Tips

Be one of the lucky few to visit Uganda for gorilla trekking and experience the unique beauty of the secret rain forest of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park. The time is now to make your dream come true and throw away the old saying that gorilla safaris are costly.If you want to go gorilla trekking, here is our budget safari guide that will make your trip wonderful, memorable and amazing without straining your wallet.

Budget Campsites and Hostels

This may sound usual but it’s a major cost factor for any gorilla safari in Uganda. Cut costs by staying in a budget campsite or hostel which is moderately priced making your total tour cost low. Uganda has various budget gorilla safari lodges that are less costly and comfortable in all gorilla parks and sectors –Buhoma, Rushaga, Nkuringo and Ruhija. Famous budget gorilla lodges and campsites range from $25-$80 per person per night on full board.We very much recommend Buhoma community rest camp ,Bwindi view bandas, Gorilla friendly campsite,Gift of nature lodge, Ruhija gorilla resort, Nshongi gorilla campsite, wagtail eco loge among others.

Save on Transportation

Traveling around Uganda is easier by bus unlike any other gorilla trekking destination in Africa and it’s very enjoyed in a group or sole in company of a local Ugandan guide. If you want to use cheap transport make your trip consultant know and they make arrangements for the budget vehicle. It’s very safe and cheap to make transport arrangements with a local tour operator since prices are always hiked if approach a service provider. Even though you want to drive yourself, tour companies have cheap safari vehicles for hire at cost friendly prices.

Travel as a Group

When you travel in groups of six and eight with people of the same interest this makes your trip cost low and affordable as you share most of the costs with friends. Usually gorilla safari prices are charged per person which sounds worth and a great deal of the time to fulfill your travel life dream. Travelling as a family might be fun though the cost remains high since its always one person to meet the entire trip expense. In all group gorilla safaris in Uganda all tour essential costs are shared except park entrance and gorilla permit prices. Make sure you talk to friends about your travel plans in advance and travel together.

Best Currency to Use in Uganda

When planning a Uganda gorilla trekking tour, there are many things that you need and all have to be cleared with cash. We recommend you to carry US dollars which have favorable exchange rates even when you exchange to buy some souvenirs using local currency. Remember all tour costs are charged in US dollars so make it a point to carry the right currency to avoid over spending. If you want to exchange foreign currency get better rates in a forex bureau.

Avoid Extra safari charges

Always find a way of avoiding extra costs on safari essential items like Tourist visa. We advise every traveler to secure a tourist visa to Uganda upon arrival at Entebbe international airport and avoid extra costs that come due mailing charges. Other is the unplanned tour activities like night life. Uganda has very fantastic night life and it’s another way of spending more than expected.

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